Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions.  If your question(s) are not answered below or you need additional assistance, please click the "Contact Mediabase" link below and complete the form.  Your inquiry will be addressed within one business day.

Q. How do I reset or retrieve my username/password?

A: Click the Password link below and enter the required information.

Q. Why am I not able to login to

A: Listed below are the most common reasons for not being able to login to the Mediabase website.

1. You are not a Mediabase subscriber. Click here for subscription information.

2. Shared passwords will result in your inability to access Mediabase. Do not share your password with anyone, or your service may be interrupted.

3. Your browser settings need to be reset. Please follow the instructions provided in General Troubleshooting.

Q. How can I subscribe to Mediabase?

A: Mediabase is available on a subscription basis. Please contact a Mediabase representative (see below) to receive additional information and rates, or you may submit an inquiry to Affiliate Relations/Sales if you prefer.

Radio Stations:
Josh Medlock: 818-461-8654

Music Industry Inquiries:

Gregg Miller: 212-896-5248 (New York)

Jeff Gelb: 818-461-5435 (Los Angeles)

Robin Rhodes: 615-664-2412 (Nashville)

Brett Gelfant: 905-597-5726 (Canada)

Q: Where do I send my new music to be encoded?

A: Complete the Mediabase New Music Notification form, and send or email your music and the form to the following:

Mediabase Research
Attn: Encoding Department
15260 Ventura Blvd., Ste 400
Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403

Click here to email MP3 file(s) to Mediabase

We ask that you DO NOT copy or submit music files to any other Mediabase accounts.
Q: How can I confirm that my new music has arrived and been encoded?

A: If you are a subscriber to Music Information Systems, you will see the song on the website AFTER IT RECEIVES INITIAL AIRPLAY.

If you are not a subscriber to Music Information Systems, you may submit an inquiry to the Discrepancy Desk.

Q: Who do I contact if I suspect there is a Discrepancy in the airplay results reported by Mediabase?

A: If you are a subscriber to Mediabase 24/7 or to Music Information Systems, you may click on the Discrepancy Desk prompt located on the Mediabase Home Page.

If you are NOT a subscriber to Mediabase 24/7 or to Music Information Systems, you may click on the button below to report your discrepancy.

Discrepancies must be reported within seven days of the airplay in question, in order to be reconciled.

Discrepancies that will impact the Mediabase Published Chart must be submitted no later than 3pm Pacific Time, on Sunday.

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